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I live in Western Massachusetts with my husband, Anthony. We have one son who teaches music in Boston. Tony and I are happily retired and enjoy home projects and gardening. We both keep active by walking and doing yoga and are into meditation.

I have a BS in Computer Science from Umass Amherst and am a member of MENSA. I mostly read nonfiction. Science and politics are of particular interest to me (you’ll see those interests reflected in my novels), but I also enjoy reading about philosophy and even the occult. I love being exposed to new things and ideas. Lately, I’ve become engaged in learning about Stoicism. I think the practice may have benefits for those of us living through these troubling times. I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about this ancient philosophy in my blogs.

I developed an enjoyment for writing during my high school and college years. My essays always received praise and high marks. I found that the more I wrote, the easier it became and the more passionate I became about it. Retirement gave me the time to try my hand at fiction writing, and I find that genre to be very satisfying and intellectually engaging – my imagination is expanding the more I use it.

I’m determined to resume learning Spanish, but I find myself being interrupted by other things. I know it’s a matter of determination. I should start making a check-off list and sticking to it. I’ve found checkoff lists to be helpful in reaching goals. I would also like to start playing tennis again. It’s a sport that I enjoyed when I was younger, and I miss playing it.

So, that’s a brief summation of what I’m about. I look forward to hearing from you – whether it’s about my writings or interests or anything else in this great big universe of ours – like I said, my interests are varied, and I love discussion.

Email me at: authorslarosa@gmail.com