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The Gnome House’ is the latest book by Susan LaRosa. It is presently available in Kindle format at Amazon. The paperback edition will be available at Amazon soon.

The story takes place in the present and concerns the members of a disfunctional and strange family who reside in a creepy, little stone cottage. The mother, Cora, runs a flea market across the road from her house. 
Cora was never a good mother. She swore and drank and neglected her children. Her two adult children left to make lives for themselves as soon as they could. And when after many years she requested that they return to their old and dismal home because she had something of importance to discuss with them, they returned reluctantly. 
Nothing much had changed. Though the years had not been kind to Cora, she was as unpleasant and demanding as ever. But if her children thought she was evil when alive, they found her to be even more wicked and cruel after she was dead.
Her two children, Nancy and Nathan, believed themselves to too sophisticated and educated to give credence to the paranormal, but Cora would soon make believers out of them. 
A domineering figure when she was alive she was even more powerful in spirit form. Anyone who ever dared to show her disrespect or to cause her harm met their ends in the most gruesomely unbelievable manners. Not even the FBI could solve the murder of the brothers who broke into her home to steal her valuables. The circumstances surrounding the crimes were too bizarre to consider rationally. 
Those that complied with her wishes were sparred her brutal retribution, but even her own flesh and blood learned that to cross Cora was to suffer the most dreadful consequences. 
Cora had several secrets in her life (some more terrible than others) and the one person who knew her secrets was a stranger to the family — a beautifully exotic woman with unusual physic powers who came to set up her fortune teller’s tent in Cora’s flea market one season and who had secrets of her own.The Gnome House is the latest book by Susan LaRosa. It is presently available in Kindle format at Amazon. The paperback edition will be available at Amazon soon.

Books One and Two of the Dystopian Series Entitled ‘Divergence of the Species’

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I write because it’s a passion; but I also write in the hopes of engaging my readers – engaging them with fascinating characters, engrossing plots and controversial ideas and questions.

Style, story, characters, objectives, views, assumptions, prognostication….a novel is made up of many things. I look forward to receiving your opinions on any aspects of my novels or short stories that peak your interest or incite your ire.

If what I write fuels discussion or ignites debate, then I will be a happy writer and greatly indebted to my readers.

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